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What We Do


The Motocross Council, Ltd., was formed to create and preserve community motocross tracks in Maryland … and to run them ourselves, or get local clubs to run them (as in the case of Antietam Motorsport Park).

Because the DNR now recognizes the sport of motocross as a legitimate form of recreation they have pledged to help us open motocross riding areas across the state.

With funding granted for this purpose the Motocross Council can search for appropriate land and create a motocross park anywhere in Maryland!

The Motocross Council is always working on bringing a new track online.

We will endeavor to create a variety of tracks to ride, but safety must be the primary goal in the design of our motocross tracks.

We recognize there has to be lots of jumps but safe jumps in the European style with an emphasis on ground speed, heavily wooded sectres, and wide lanes will characterize the courses we design.

While the DNR opens new trail systems in Western Maryland to replace Greenridge State Park’s trails, we will continue to add specialized off-road courses for four-wheeled vehicles, snowmobile trails and of course pro-sized Motocross Parks.


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